Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Semeste Ends, Reintegration Three-quarters In

Somehow, someway in the deepest universe, the semester has almost ended. It's rather frightening, actually. One and half more years until a change happens in almost every portion of my life. Different home. Different church. Different friends. Different learning.

For the first few years of my life, I had one circle of friends. Then second grade rolls around, and new circumstances. Then ninth grade comes about, and reintegration into society starts. Now I think I almost the reintegration is about three-fourths through. Maybe by the time I leave, it'll have finished.

It's very weird, trying to be "in". I like to consider myself nonconformist, but I've already changed from the five months I've been in a new school. Very odd. Still off, I suppose.

How many times has the word "I" been used in the last few paragraphs?

Argh. Way too many times.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

I Have But One Thing To Say Today...

...blech. I don't like perverts.

Or people who are snotty.

Or people who don't work.

Or people who think that just because your order is not being given to you the minute you walk in the store, you and your coworkers are not doing their job. Hey man. Take a look. You see those people around you? They're waiting for their pizzas too. You see the phones? They're ringing off the hook, and every line is either taken or on hold. You see those slips? They're on the floor. Not because they are not being attached to boxes as quickly as possible, but because as soon as three are put up, ten pop out. You see those boxes? They're haphazard because we're too busy taking your order and making your pizza to organize them. You see that makeline? They are down thirty-five pizzas because the phones (see above) are ringing off the hook. You see that person back there? She's not taking a nap, she's taking pizzas and side items out of the oven, slicing them, putting them in the right boxes, and dispatching drivers. You see the people generally milling about? They are doing their job. So, if you think we are not doing our job, jump over this here counter, put on apron, and do our job.