Wednesday, December 22, 2004

So Very Depressing find out one of your friends is a false Christian.


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Problem of the Day

Yes, I have a problem. Many, in fact. Most, I will not tell you, random reader. But there is one I will divulge.

(I know I said this would be a school-blog, but those who read my other blog would not be comfortable with this. Anonymity is my friend here)

Would everyone just stop calling people 'gay', 'fag', etc. when they are not homosexual? Given a Christian background, I can't imagine people, Christian people, calling each other that. I don't care if you're joking. To me, it's the most offensive term one can use. Insulting sexual morality is not cool, children. Especially if you know what 'gay' is. It is not fun. It is a psychological mess, mmkay? Let's get it...err...straight.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Question of my Life

To paraphrase: "Why am I so dedicated to the homework movement?"


1) When I wasn't, I drove my mother crazy and made her hate me.

2) If I don't care, I don't get much help in college.
A) I'm white and have both of my parents. I don't get government aid.
B) My future major doesn't have any attached scholarships.
C) I don't want my parents bankrupt trying to pursue my dream.

3) My intelligence always made me feel unique. So that's what I hang onto. This is what makes me, me. Without it, I'm a slacker with a sarcastic sense of humor.

4) If I don't show dedication to the smallest of homeworks, what kind of an adult will I be?

There are probably more reasons, pettier ones, like, "My pride won't let me get a low grade", but there's are my top four.

The Addiction Continues...

Why, oh why did I start this blog? I have a blog. It's nice. But then the new fancy one comes about, and I start one on here. This a disease, people. It's ridiculous.

Yet I figure since I titled this 'Book Learning', I can sufficiently rant about school here, and other stuff at my other blog. Occasionally, of course, they will intermingle, as addictions are wont to do. But that's just how I'll try to keep my sanity, mmmkay?

I should really be doing my AP essays right now. I know why I didn't do them eariler. Because on Wednesday I lent my book out, on Thursday I rationalized I could do it Friday, then yesterday I rationalized that by the time I realized I had homework, I was too tired to do it. And now I'm stuck on Saturday with a birthday party to go to that will last well into the afternoon.

I know some people who would go 'Pshaw' at that, but...yeah. I fret. It's a problem. At least my other homework's done.

Yes, get used to this nonexistent people. Though I don't ramble at school (much), I will ramble when talking about school.

It's a disease, people.